My new blog look

Yes, I am procrastinating, hence the new look blog. I need to figure out some colour scheme issues, but that can wait until after chapter 4 is finished.

No, I still have not conquered that final section to complete the blasted thing. I am not a self-proclaimed Queen of Procrastination for nothing.

I have to give credit to the lovely and talented illustrator and creative genius, Kanako of My Little Paris fame, for my lovely blog background image. I thought it represented me quite well, apart from blonde hair, slim physique and sophisticated demeanour. I am, however, a writer (albeit a procrastinating one), and a happy snapper with a fondness for cocktails, especially ones with a piece of alcohol-soaked fruit skewered with an little umbrella.


Chin Chin


Issue 5 – Couch Potato to Gym Junkie: A Physical Journey

Made it back to the gym yesterday.

Four months exactly since last visit.

Four months of sitting on butt for paid work and thesis work and couch potatoing on Slothful Sunday meant I was physically unable to complete the required two rounds off the circuit.

Nearly passed out about half way through.

Light headed and can’t feel a thing today except for the seering pain in my right shoulder, but that is a scanning heavy books related injury.

Can I make it back to the gym on Thursday morning?

Stay tuned.

Issue 4 – Couch Potato to Gym Junkie: A Physical Journey

I have to say that I am finding it very difficult to conquer the slothful part of my nature. I have made it to the gym once a week since my last report and this week, not once, although my hours at the physio this week belie my so-called part-time casual status and have made gym attendance impossible. Well, I could arise at 5am to make it for the 6am opening time, however, I think such actions have injurious potential given the uncoordinatedness of my person until at least 10am.

However, the reason for my report this week is that my gym has decided I am lacking a philanthropic side to my nature – the state of my bank balance belies this! – and have decided that I should also pay the gym membership of one of my fellow gymites, hereby known as A.N.

I have been online shopping with an alarming frequency lately, although this does mean that my Christmas shopping is almost complete. Given my online shopping madness, I have been checking my accounts frequently to ensure monies are flowing swiftly and correctly. It was during one of these checks that I spotted an amount of $59.00 that rang no bells, except for alarm bells.

I did a quick online search to discover who these Ezypay people were and why they were taking monies from my account. My thinking was, “what had I purchased and did not remember?”

I was informed by the nice young man on the other end of the telephone line that the payment was for Contours and was under the name A.N.


It has been three weeks since this alarming discovery and I am still awaiting the return of my $59.00!

So not only am I paying for myself not to attend the gym, I have been unwittingly cast in the role of philanthropist to A.N., aiding her get fit mission in addition to my own!

This is exactly the look on my face when I discovered I had been cast in the role of philanthropist by my gym!

Issue 3, part 4 – Couch Potato to Gym Junkie: A Physical Journey

I finally made it!!!

Monday morning I managed to not talk myself out of going to the gym.

The workout itself? Well, naturally, after a few weeks in Sid the Sloth Mode, physical activity on the scale that gyming requires was strenuous, painful and nearly the death of me. I went home to a hot shower and then collapsed in bed with heat packs on the shoulders, back and calves. It was a truly sorry sight.

Tuesday I undertook a gentler form of physical activity; I walked in Kings Park with Ariel. I think the fact I wandered through the botanical loveliness with an ice-cream (iced lolly for my English followers) would have negated any benefits the exertion should have brought me, however…

Fingers crossed I make it to the gym tomorrow – after the RAC Man has called, opened my car and retrieved the keys, which I locked in there on Monday. This is what physical exertion does to one! I was so wiped out from having to Gym-It that I was unable to remember important things such as removing the keys from the ignition before securely locking every bollocking door!

Issue 3, part 2 – Couch Potato to Gym Junkie: A Physical Journey

You won’t be surprised to learn I did not go to the gym on Monday afternoon.

I can see the shocked and stunned looks on your faces.

I could not even get my Slothful Sid Carcass out of the house yesterday to shake my booty.

I did bake chocolate cupcakes!

Maybe I will make it there tomorrow. I might need to release some frustration after getting a bollocking from my supervisor. I have forgotten that I am meant to be working on a thesis. (I would appreciate it if, when you see me, you just remind me about it. Thanks.)

Tune in Friday.

Issue 3, part 1 – Couch Potato to Gym Junkie: A Physical Journey

I have not been to the gym for nearly a month now.

I think I mentioned in issue 2 my talent for talking myself out of disagreeable activities that are good for me?

Yes, well, I have been excelling at this for the last month.

A small part of my brain is resolved to head to the gym on my way home from work today, however, I suspect it won’t take much to defeat and delay this resolve. The sleep-deprived part of my brain is screaming at me to get back home, into my PJs and snuggled up under the duvet before midday. (This schedule should give me enough time to shower, don the PJs and watch this morning’s episode of Charmed and be in bed before the clock strikes noon!)

Until part 2.