All About LKE

An Australian native currently confined to a half-life in Western Australia, Lisa Elliott is a woman with grand dreams, but a serious lack of motivation to make these dreams a reality. However, this is not as dismal as it sounds. Lisa is currently working on her Magnificent Octopus, otherwise known as a doctoral thesis, and spends her spare hours listening/reading/watching the inspiring outputs of Stephen Fry. She has a niece and 3 nephews all of whom she thinks are rather fabulous and gorgeous. She likes to travel and every time the savings account reaches a decent level, it is immediately utilised for mini-adventures, which is why, at the ripe old age of 38, Lisa finds herself living at home with her parents on their Estate in the hills of Perth. Lisa loves the Musical Goddess Kate Ceberano and is eagerly awaiting news of concert plans for WA.


2 thoughts on “All About LKE

  1. Thanks Mariana! It’s just my brother stirring me up. He did buy me a ticket for the Crowded House concert in November, so he was forgiven for his drunken stirring rant. 😉

    Nice to know that someone who isn’t a family member or friend has wandered onto my little blog.

    Best wishes and thanks for the support against my bro!



  2. Giselle says:

    Hi Lisa
    Finally took the plunge and accepted your blog – long as I dont need to register! Anyway, glad to hear from you and should receive any further email notification if I did it right
    Sun is shining today but of course its a work day – it never seems to be over the weekend.
    Good luck with your gym


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