Thesis Avoidance: No More!

Well, not only have I been avoiding the thesis, I have been avoiding my blogs. It’s all writing and if I can demonstrate capability for mindless blogging, then thesising should not be so difficult. The only reason my laptop has made it out of its protective sleeve in recent months has been so I can enjoy the numerous televisual joys I’ve purchased from iTunes or do work on the Finding Aid for the Access Press archive that I had been entrusted with doing for the library. Oh, and emailing my niece and nephews, not that they ever respond! Just because, for example, my nephews have been busy doing a soccer tour of South Korea with their club, Monaro Panthers, they think that’s an adequate excuse for not responding to their favourite aunt. [Upturned nose and huffy flicking of hair]



So. My Magnificent Octopus, you might be wondering. How is it going? Well… I did get chapter 4 re-drafted. It was massive and apparently I got rather lost in all the great information that I wanted to share, so it need not have been so massive and traumatising. My brilliant supervisor, my brilliant and ever-patient supervisor, has done her editing magic and given me ideas on what to cut. I will do this once I have stopped procrastinating over chapter 5. Yes, chapter 5 has been getting the procrastination and avoidance treatment I gave to chapter 4, so two months on, possibly longer, I can’t bear to find out the truth on that, it’s still not finished, but it will be tomorrow! Yes, I know I say that a lot, but… Oh, and it is not as if the extraneous stuff from chapter 4 will go to waste because I have a paper on violence and emotions to write for a symposium in three weeks time, so I shall pop some of the good stuff into that. (Bloody hell! When did September decide to show up?!)

Anyways… The reason I decided to bloggy post tonight is that, THE END IS NIGH!!

No, I have not decided to stand upon a cliff top and throw myself to the mercy of the Poseidon and his human-loving shark friends. Nothing that drastic. No, I have just made the decision that I have to finish this thesis!

No, why I am here is that I am publishing my intention to FINISH the blasted thesis for a NON-NEGOTIABLE Submission Day of 2 December 2013.

There are several reasons for this, not least of which is the fact my brother is heading to England in December to collect his son, my nephew, to join us in Perth for Christmas! Apparently he has purchased a ticket for me to escort Jackson back home in January 2014. And, I’m feeling the love, my ticket is one-way! I like to look on his gesture as motivation from a loving sibling to get his procrastinating sister to finish her thesis and forget his comment about it being his way of getting me out of the country. (Charming!) So, I wouldn’t want to waste a free ticket to the UK seeing as I want to relocate there anyway.

Secondly, my supervisor has told me that she can’t be doing with me in Doctoral Candidate mode any longer and I need to get it finished before Christmas so she can get on with her life. Yes, completely justifiable after 7 years! Besides, she has threatened to take away my iPad until it’s done, so I have to show some Grown-Upedness or I’ll lose my life line to the world and my sanity. (Over dramatic much!)

Thirdly, I have a ticket to see Miranda Hart on 13 March 2014 and I can’t miss that!

Fourthly, several of my fellow Australians have just elected a sexist, racist, hypocritical moron to run the country and I can’t bear to stick around and see them all regret it. I am going to head to England where they have a Slimy Lizard slithering all over them. Oh yes. Much better!

And finally, I’m 40 years old! I’ve been procrastinating over this for 7 years! My thirties have been taken over by poor people, hospital reforms and sixteenth-century Paris! (Well, avoiding them.) Not to mention sixteenth-century French accountants with appalling handwriting and minute takers with even worse handwriting!

In addition, and not that this is a huge consideration because, quite frankly, I’m their child and they are obligated to me until death do us part, but I think Mum and Dad are ready for me to leave the spare room and, given that they are about to move into a retirement home, well, I think that might be a hint. (You can see where my brother gets his charm from!)

So, it’s happening. No more avoidance and procrastination. I’m in completion mode. Well, actually, I think Calvin of ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ has put it quite well. The faucet of creativity is at last flowing and my Magnificent Octopus will finally be completed. My mental state come 2 December 2013? We shall just have to see.


If you can be bothered responding to my bloggy post with some positive, “YOU GO GIRL!!” comments, that would be so lovely of you.


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