Thought for the day…

Having said announced this as a ‘thought for the day’, well, I think it would be a good thought to be mindful of everyday! Me in particular. I am extremely good at the ‘retrospective bitterness/anger/regret/shame’. “By-gones!”, as one of the characters in some telly show I can’t think of the name… Ally McBeal… Richard in that show used to say, “By-gones!” and he seemed pretty healthy, although he had a thing for money and the crinkly necks of older women. To each their own!

Anyway, the thought!

“It is a simple but sometimes forgotten truth that the greatest enemy to present joy and high hopes is the cultivation of retrospective bitterness.” — Sir Robert Menzies, 12th Australian PM, 1949-1966.


See? Told you it was a good one for everyday.


One thought on “Thought for the day…

  1. […] thing is, and this probably harks back to the ‘Thought for the day‘ I posted earlier, every time this happens to me I get plunged into a melancholy. If you have […]


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