Meet Timmy the Dog

I am house sitting and at the house is a pooch named Timmy.

Although I am not a fan of dogs, I have been around enough of them to know that they like to sniff around a lot when they are on their walkies.

However, I think Timmy the Dog is rather extraordinary in this area. He spends a great time leading me around the streets of ……. as he sniffs and licks blades of grass, shrubbery, trees, lamp posts, letter boxes, automobiles, brick walls etc., in the manner one sees in the telly adaptation of the Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes stories in which the brilliant Jeremy Brett as the eponymous detective, gets down on all fours in order to examine in every way some vital clue that only he could detect. Timmy the Dog also likes to have a good chew on suspicious items, including the effluence that has emerged from the hind quarters of his fellow four-legged creatures. He leaves no pile of excrement unexamined in his effort to track down the villain! (I have to say that this particular part of his ‘method’ does challenge my efforts to hold back my breakfast/lunch/dinner.)

I feel very much like Dr Watson to Timmy’s Sherlock Holmes as he roams the streets sniffing out Perth’s most nefarious villains. I stand over him as he conducts his investigation and offer unhelpful suggestions that lead only to pitying looks from the great detective. So I just trot along in Sherlock Timmy’s wake and, as with my fictional counterpart, I carry on in my “humble, but single-minded service”, supporting the great detective as he puts all his deductive powers to solving the case.

Timmy Sherlock

Timmy Sherlock


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