It has been almost a month now and I have been unable to find Strawberry Freddo Frogs (SFFs) anywhere, whether in the lovely 12-piece pack usually acquired from the local IGA stores, or in the Freddo multi-pack (contains 5-6 SFFs and other uninteresting ones), usually acquired in Woolies, or individually from the counters of petrol stations, Pricelines and other discerning establishments.

The Strawberry Freddo Frog – Extinct?

I have emailed Cadbury to ask if they have, shamefully and disastrously, discontinued SFFs. I sincerely hope not as there is still a few months to go on my Magnificent Octopus (aka the Blasted Thesis) and I don’t know how I’m going to get through it without daily doses of SFFs.

Yes, there are other chocolates and they can be satisfying, but they are not Happy Making like SFFs.

Please please please don’t let them be discontinued!

The minute I touch down in Canberra on 13 December 2012, I shall be requesting my sister take me directly to the retail warehouse place in the hope they have the large boxes of SFFs; 72 delicious SFFs in one handy little “drug” dispenser.

Fingers crossed for me. It’s hard enough getting through life in Perth as it is, but without my “drugs”… Holy crap! It doesn’t bear thinking about!

The “drug” dispenser – 72 units of happiness


One thought on “Disaster!

  1. sherree says:

    I will source some out for you but only dispense if you work on your thesis AND have done your daily exercise AND have followed our food plan. Then you have learnt one or two for the day. The test will be in a locked cabinet and Kylie will have the key (we both know she has more willpower than u or I).


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