Hollow Crown

For those of you lucky enough to live in the UK, you will have already enjoyed the ‘Hollow Crown’ series that screened on BBC2 recently. My friend Mary has just posted me the Radio Times special and I felt compelled to share some of the images with you. There are two reasons for this. First is simply to share the loveliness that is Tom Hiddleston, who plays Prince Hal/Henry V. You have to admit that he is much better looking than the original.


Once more unto the breach – One Saucy Monarch

Henry V by unknown artist, c. National Portrait Gallery, London
Not as pretty as his imitator.

Then there was the amazing photo of Ben Wishaw who plays Richard II that instantly brings to mind the famous Westminster Portrait of that ill-fated monarch, which is apparently on loan to British Museum this year in case you feel inspired to go view it and head to the wrong place.

Ben Wishaw as Richard II in BBC2’s ‘Hollow Crown’ series

Richard II Westminster Portrait, c. Westminster Abbey

That’s it from me. I only wanted to share these images.

Oh wait. I think one more of Mr Hiddleston looking saucy before I sign off. (Just ignore all the fake blood and battle ickies.)

Oh that’s quite lovely.

Oh, okay then. One more then! Honestly! You lot really need to get yourselves a real love life!

Holy Crap! I need a cold shower!



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