Article for Jesse

Hi Jesse. Sorry I didn’t have as many articles as I thought I might. This one is all about the ‘Blitz Spirit’ I tweeted you about, so might be perfect for your assignment. I have included the cover of the magazine so you can reference the article properly if you use it.

2010 Oct BHM Going Underground

I have included this other article just for interest. I sent it to my nephews as, being boys, they enjoy anything that might be ‘gross’.

2012mar BHM Smelly Tudors


Postscript: So Much Joy!

Just had to add that on Saturday 30th March 2012 I popped along to the Mundaring Weir Hotel with my folks and Aged Aunt #3 to see Leo Sayer.

WOW!!!! Love, love, love, love Leo Sayer live! He was so fabulous!

Am campaigning the man himself to make sure he comes back to Mundaring Weir Hotel next year.

I felt rather guilty about being there to see someone other than my Musical Goddess Kate Ceberano, but the guilt was gone by the end of Leo’s first song.

All Hail the Fabulous Leo!

Taking the Art of Procrastination to a Whole New Level

As many of you are already aware, I am something of a procrastinator. Today, as the title of this bloggy post suggests, I went further than I have ever gone before to avoid undertaking work on the thesis.

The day started with good intentions. I made some lunch, packed the necessities needed for a day of productivity at the library and even got the stuff into my Little White Holden Nova. My Honorary Niece Madison gave me two SFFs (strawberry Freddo Frogs) to take with me. I got into my LWHN. I started my LWHN, pulled out of the driveway and began the long journey from Glen Forrest to UWA.

I stopped at Maylands IGA for Masters Choc Milk, ENOs and a packet of “lush” Blue Aeroplane Jelly Crystals to send my nephew Jackson in Newcastle (UK not NSW) for his birthday. I got back into the car and continued my journey to uni.

I got to uni.

I drove around the car park twice and I even parked the car.

I sat in the car for about two minutes, the engine still running. Then I backed out of the car bay and took off back home via the scenic route by the river.

As I went through the city centre, I realised I had my camera and I could take a photo of the site that was once the home of the Perth Entertainment Centre for my friend Jenny-Anne.

Site of the old Perth Entertainment Centre that was...

...and the Perth Entertainment Centre as was.

This started what quickly became known as ‘Drive By Shoot of Perth’, for after capturing the image of the site of the Perth Entertainment Centre that was, I spotted a weird looking green thing at the entrance to the Forrest Place Mall and thought that would make a nice drive by photo. (And, well, you know, anything was better than coming to my senses and returning to uni and getting on with chapter 6!)

Leftovers from construction of a slippery slide? Alien artefact? Art?

The amcom building you can see in the background used to be the St Martin’s Tower and my Dad worked there. My sisters and I would ‘keep Daddy company’ when he went into work on the weekends, so we could play “offices”. It was fun playing with a photocopier then. If only I knew then how much I would come to hate those machines, the plague of my working life! And more memories here as in 1999, as I was wandering about the city centre avoiding doing any study during my undergrad years, I came across my Musical Goddess Kate Ceberano in Forrest Place Mall doing some singing to promote her True Romantic: Best Of album, being sprung by my friend Ariel, or Shirley as she was then, who was also in the city avoiding doing any study and spotted me bopping to Kate at the back of the crowd. Meeeemooooories…

And so the drive by photo shoot continued until my Little White Holden Nova was back in her little cubby hole, next to Dad’s Man Shed, a mere 2 hours and some minutes after we left!

The following are a sample of some of the photos I took, photos of sites that have great meaning to me. I might have to stop for a moment, collect myself and get some tissues because we are about to embark on a sentimental journey. Cue the song!

A Sentimental Journey from Perth to Glen Forrest with Lisa Elliott, Queen Procrastinator and Drive By Photographer

Lisa the Drive By Shooter spots another site of interest

The Brisbane Hotel where I once spent an uncomfortable evening watching my bro and my cousin hitting on girls. At least I had yummy nibbles and gin to take away the pain.

Highgate Tower: The subject of a photo shoot that could have sparked a career, but I could not be arsed doing it. Story of my life.

The carwash where the Little White Holden Nova gets spruced up

My Masters Choc Milk Supplier

The Sexy Salmon Seller of Guildford

The Caltex where I get my petrol every Wednesday, unless I have a petrol voucher for IGA in which case I'll defect to the Gull on Guildford Road to save 4c a litre.

The Bilgoman Pool where I did 10 laps of the 50m pool the other week. Yes, it was just that once. That was enough. Me and exercise just don't jell.

Home Sweet Home less than 3 hours after we left it.

And yes, those are rain clouds you can see in my photos. Nothing to get excited about. It was more dribble clouds. The rain certainly wasn’t heavy enough to clean the bird poo off the roof of my Little White Holden Nova.

Well, I think that is enough procrastinating on WordPress for one day. I think it is time to move my procrastinating self to my bedroom where I intend to watch a few episodes of season 5 of House before a little snooze in which I shall dream myself into a state of productivity for tomorrow.

It’s been emotional.