So Much Joy!

As many of you know, my opinion on life in Perth is generally unfavourable. This is not because Perth isn’t fantastic. It is! However, as the song goes, but not for me. However, every now and then something happens that just makes life in Perth a little more bearable than usual. I have already posted news of the Joy Bringers that were QI Live and the John Farnham concert of last year. What I haven’t gotten around to sharing were the Joy Bringers that were Alan Davies and Kate Ceberano.

Alan Davies, ‘Life is Pain’

First of all, there was the joy of Alan Davies returning to stand-up comedy after fifteen years away. It was probably not a wise expenditure given my usual state of ‘bordering on broke’, but there are some things that are just too good to resist and Alan was worth every cent of my $50. Plus there were all the added bonuses of spotting Ben Elton and his gorgeous wife, Sophie amongst the revellers. Then there was the book signing afterwards, which gave me the opportunity to thank him for a fabulous night. Oh, and I suppose that means the whole night cost me $75, but even so, still got my monies worth.

And then…

I am on Twitter. I signed up to ‘stalk’ Stephen Fry and have become somewhat addicted. I got home from ‘Life is Pain’ – title having a funny story behind it and not as depressing as it sounds – and decided to tweet Alan about the great night. I also, devilishly, thought that the best way of getting a reply was by mentioning a bodily fluid like wee-wee. Was I being too greedy? Apparently not.

Queen Procrastinator (@lke73)
12/2/11 11:54 PM
Hope Astor Theatre peops don’t know who sat where as peed myself laughing at @alandavies1 ‘Life is Pain’ tonight.

alandavies1 Alan Davies

@lke73 thanks for coming, don’t worry about peeing on your seat…

Dec 03, 12:02 PM via web

Woo Hoo! The perfect end to a most enjoyable night! And I wasn’t lying. I nearly did pee my seat laughing. I decided to abandon the water bottle about 15 minutes into the show when I carelessly filled my mouth with water only to find myself choking on a water-logged laugh. The poor chap in front of me nearly got drenched. I decided it was better to dehydrate than embarrass myself by soiling the chair or raining upon my fellow revellers.

Meeting Goddess of Song, Georgia Fields

Technically this Joy Bringing Event occurred in Melbourne, but it would not have happened if I had not been stuck in Perth complaining about being stuck in Perth. My friend Jenny-Anne called to say she was buying me a ticket to Melbourne. Yeah! She had been telling me about the wonderful Georgia Fields for ages and on a bad day, I decided to cheer myself by buying her album from iTunes. (I spend a lot of time and money at the Temple of iTunes.)

WOW!!! There is no more to be said. WOW!!!, just about covers it. When I wasn’t listening to Ali (see below), I was listening to Georgia.


There is a fabulous record store in St Kilda called Pure Pop and in the backyard of the store is a little performance area and Jenny-Anne goes every time Georgia plays there. The schedule showed I would be 5 days too late to see her perform with her Pa. Jenny-Anne decided she would ask if it was possible to get Georgia to play when I was there.

Two days later we had a YES!!

I got to see Georgia. I got to hear Georgia. Georgia became my Goddess of Song. She was divine. Simply divine.

And she thanked Jenny-Anne and I for asking her to play. And she signed the CD, which I had to purchase so she could sign, even though I had downloaded it from iTunes. AND she posed for a photo with me! AND gave me a hug!

This joy bringing interlude was on Thursday 8th December 2011. One remembers such dates.

Ali McGregor frolics in the Spiegeltent

In February, Mum and I went to the Perth Fringe Festival to see the fabulous Ali McGregor perform her ‘Jazz Cigarette’ and WOW! I thought listening to CD-Ali was joyous, but getting to hear her live. Sigh. Bliss. Joy. Rapture.

I had purchased her CD from iTunes last year after seeing her perform a soul rendition of a thrash metal song. AMAZING! It became essential listening as I tried to get through what would turn out to be, the last few difficult weeks in my job. How can one’s day go wrong when Ali sings! The fact I already had her CD did not prevent me from standing in line to purchase it again so I can have a quick chat and get it signed. She is my Goddess of Song and my Twitter Buddy! It would have been rude not to.

Kate Ceberano Returns to Perth for her Annual Pilgrimage to Mundaring Weir Hotel

One of the best things about living in Perth is knowing that every year around my birthday, Kate will come over to perform at Mundaring Weir Hotel, which is also extremely close to where I am lodging in the ‘Good Room’ of my parents’ house. It doesn’t matter how straitened the finances are, if I am in Perth and Kate is coming over, I beg, steal, borrow or earn the cash to attend because I couldn’t bear the thought of missing out on some Musical Goddess joy.

Was she superb this year? OF COURSE SHE WAS!! I have seen Kate ‘do her thang’ at least 50 times since my first Kate concert at age 14 and she has NEVER had an off night!

Jenny-Anne came over for the concert this year, so I had someone to get up and dance with, much to my Mother’s disgust because she offers every year, but I always refuse because she insists on trying to talk to Danny. Danny? She means Phil, Kate’s equally talented and gorgeous brother. It happened at a Kate concert at His Majesty’s Theatre. I was 24. We were in the front row. Mum kept yelling out “Danny! Danny! Danny” and my 15-year-old brother decided the time was right to tell me he had lost his virginity. Talk about ruining one’s Kate Buzz. So John is no longer allowed to come along to Kate concerts and Mum is not allowed anywhere near Phil.

The moment that made this year’s concert even more special than usual was getting to chat to Kate after the show. She came out to pose for photos and have a quick chat with everyone. I don’t have a photo to show you because just as Jenny-Anne went ‘click’, I spoke and the result was something like

 Kate looked gorgeous and I looked like I was about to implant my alien spawn in her chest. It had to go. I had blackmailed people with less hideous photographs. I’m not joking. It really was that bad.

But the marvellous thing was all the hugging. Earlier that day, Kate had tweeted about only having Melbourne-wear, which would be totally uncomfortable given the nasty heat we had that day. Our Twitter exchange went like this:

Queen Procrastinator ‏ ‪@lke73

Just hit me: Tonight is @KateCeberano Night at Mundaring! Woo Hoo!!!

Kate Ceberano ‏ ‪@KateCeberano

What to wear tonight? I’ve got a melbourne wardrobe….eeeek

Queen Procrastinator ‏ ‪@lke73

@KateCeberano Would you like me to bring around my lovely blue sarong?

Kate Ceberano ‏ ‪@KateCeberano

@lke73 thnxs , but how bout a Gucci wrap dress ( only kidding) ha ha

Queen Procrastinator ‏ ‪@lke73

@KateCeberano Oh, if only I was thin enough to own/wearGucci! Or anything other than Target or Bali sarongs. 😉

Kate Ceberano@KateCeberano

@lke73 I don’t think either of us truely want anything other than what we got right! Love the skin we in ( Still like Gucci shoes though)

Queen Procrastinator ‏ ‪@lke73

Woo hoo! Time to get showered, dressed & on my way to Mundaring Weir Hotel for @KateCeberano! But slowly cos it’s friggin’ hot out there!

Queen Procrastinator@lke73

@KateCeberano Got the blue sarong just in case.

So as we posed for the photo together, I said, “I’m glad you didn’t need the blue sarong” and she was “It’s you!” and grabbed me for a hug.

“Our love our conversations!”, she said.

“So do I. I get very excited when I get a response from you. Makes my day and I shout out, ‘Kate tweeted me!’, everyone just shakes their head and says, ‘so sad’.”

And we talked a few moments more and she grabbed me for another hug.

So who needs a photo when I had TWO HUGS FROM MY MUSICAL GODDESS!

Photo of Musical Goddess Kate Ceberano sans Alien Lisa trying to devour her


So Much Joy

So there you have it. Life in Perth has its moments. Not many of them I grant you, but when the moments come they are MARVELLOUS!

Coming up I have a visit by my niece and nephews, who reside in Canberra. Then WASO (West Australian Symphony Orchestra) are doing a tribute to the bestest composer, John Williams, the man behind the theme music for Star WarsIndiana Jones and Jurassic Park, amongst others. Stephen K. Amos and Hannah Gadsby will be in Perth making me laugh during the Perth International Comedy Festival, then to top it off, my Aged Aunt and I are going to see the stage show of Yes Prime Minister, starring the most dishy Phillip Quast.

That should tide me over for a while.