Mountains and Mole Hills

I made it to uni today.

I had a meeting with my thesis supervisor.

I refer you to the post on my alternate blog.

Does that put you in mind of the ‘Mountains and Mole Hills’ phrase?

It does me.

Can I blame this whole situation on something else?

Yes, I will blame it on The Depression.

It can sometimes rob you of the ability to see things clearly, rationally, objectively etc etc etc.

I shall stop procrastinating and panicking now and just get on with Chapter Five. Chapter Five, which has just been made clearer after ten minutes of chatting with my thesis supervisor.

Honestly, if I was not adverse to pain, I would slap myself silly right now.


There is one good thing about depression

One is prone to frivolous purchases that one really cannot afford, but is buoyed by having, such as tickets for John Farnham’s Whispering Jack 25 Years On tour!

Woo Hoo John!!
Pooh Pooh to the savings!
It’s all about the bliss and joy of the gratification that a John Farnham concert can bring!


I was scanning some books for my supervisor the other day and as doing so, I spotted this picture of Juliana von Nassau-Siegen, a sixteenth-century Dutch noble lady.

In the genetic lottery this poor woman copped the huge schnoz of her male ancestors, all of whom, from what I can gather, had equally prominent snouts. I suddenly felt a lot better about my own face which is adorned by a rather lovely freckly button nose. I don’t think I will be as reticent to view my own visage in the mirror now. Although it does look a little broad in this photo. Hmm?

Button nose or suspiciously Almost-Roman?