A short note of Catch-Up from LKE

Dear All,

I do hope you have all been well. I have not been visiting my blog much lately, other than to brag about the publication of my first academic paper, and this is simply because I have not had anything much of interest to blog about. My life, at present, is rather dull and apart from my over-attachment to my iPad 2, which I would marry if it were human, there have not been any developments worth blogging about.

I have commenced a blog for the Perth Chapter of the Jane Austen Society of Australia.

I am a little excited about Sunday 23rd October 2011, which I have renamed Stephen Fry QI Live Day. Stephen Fry and Alan Davies are coming to Perth, are here now in fact, and will be treating their Australian fans to an afternoon of QI fun and madness. I shall be attending the show on Sunday 23rd October at 3pm, and again at the 7pm performance. Yes, I may be a little mad, but we have to get our jollies where we can!

My lovely friend Jenny-Anne purchased a ticket to Melbourne so I can have a break from the tediousness of Perth and spend some time writing, walking and Frenching in Melbourne with her. ‘Frenching’ is not some rude saucy term, but refers to our desire to spend lots of time in French cafes talking, writing and, most importantly, eating. Macarons, crepes, baguettes, chocolat chaud… We have no intention of eating ourselves into grotesqueness. You may have spotted that ‘walking’ compromises part of our reunion time. This walking time is specifically for the creation of space for macarons, crepes, baguettes and chocolat chaud. It is all about balance, you know.

I shall also be heading to Canberra for a week to see three of the four greatest persons in the universe, oh, and their parents. Yes, I am getting to spend some time with my niece and nephews before Christmas.

And that’s about it for me. Told you life was a little dull and uninteresting at the moment. Maybe my sojourns in Melbourne and Canberra will inspire amusing bloggy posts. Oh, I changed the look of my blog, just because. I like this one better. Yes, it is the same as I have used for the Perth Janeites blog. It is just so pretty, I had to use it for my blog too!

Gosh, I think it’s time for me to sign off before I kill you all with this tediousness!

Au revoir until inspiration strikes!




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