Au revoir pour maintenant – Goodbye for now

I don’t know why I began a blog when I have no life.

I think I was trying to convince myself that this whole “from bad to Perth” situation I have got myself into yet again didn’t exist and that I was happy and content and had lots of amusing tales to share with anyone who happened to find themselves at

I am just too darned depressed to fake it any more. I am in Perth and trapped in an untenable situation of my own making that, for the moment, I have neither the will or strength to get myself out of.

So I retreat from my blog for the present. I have no intention of returning here until life is good again and I am back in London where I belong, my spirits soaring and my soul restored.

For now, I return to the bloody tragedy that I have embroiled myself in.

Where’s the gin!



2 thoughts on “Au revoir pour maintenant – Goodbye for now

  1. Cathrin says:

    sorry to hear you are taking time out. Hope things improve and rest secure in the knowledge that you have a fantastic writing style and sense of humour. Looking forward to hearing from your blog soon – I hope!


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