Follow Up to ‘Meet My iPad 2’

Joy! Rapture! Bliss!

I finally got my two new pieces of technology together in a place with WiFi and I now have a functional iPad 2.

Slight moment of embarrassment when doing a check that the things I had synched had been synched and I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off. Fortunately the gentleman sharing my desk at the new and wonderful Town of Vincent Library was playing around on his iPad 2 so was able to instruct on the simple art of turning off one’s noisy audiobook.

Well, I must return to uploading Stephen Fry’s audio of his 1997 novel The Stars’ Tennis Balls and Douglas Adams’ So long, and thanks for all the fish, both available for borrowing at the Town of Vincent Library, onto one piece of technology so I can synch it onto the other!

Productive as always.

Don’t I have a thesis to write?

Buggered if I know!


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