Seven Deadly Sins: Envy

Over the past few months I have been struggling in vain against two of the seven deadly sins. (Meet Miss Sloth and Despair. “Hello”, she says with a half-hearted languid wave as she makes a futile attempt to arise politely from her couch of sloth or bed of despair.) It is extremely difficult to get the better of them once they have hold over you. I think Sloth and Despair are possibly the hardest of the sins to defeat. Correct me if you think otherwise.

This morning however, I think I unwittingly discovered a potential cure. How long-lasting the cure proves to be, I do not yet know.

After 48 hours in slothful despair, I checked my emails this morning and found not one, but two emails that awoke in me the most evil of the seven deadly sins…

The Seven Deadly Sins: ENVY. Beautifully depicted by blackeri –
The first email from Poet Laureate James went something exactly like:
“Stephen Fry has been in Burlington House courtyard, giving an interview to teevee – what you’re missing! Adee xx”.
With kisses to soften the blow?
Two emails earlier, I found one from Giselle:
“Dear Lisa. STEPHEN FRY IS FILMING IN THE COURTYARD – Don’t you wish you were here – see how much better it would be. G x”
Another ineffectual mark of affection offered in an attempt to soften the blow!
After reading these emails, the feelings of slothful despair have been forgotten and overtaken by a raging ENVY. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING can make up for missing this encounter with the most fabulous person in the universe! (Well, the fifth most fabulous person in the universe after my most fabulous niece and nephews that is!)
(Maybe my delay in taking my savings to the Winthrop Australia UWA to purchase my new MacBook Pro has something to do with my reluctance to spend what amounts to an airfare back to London?)
Miss Jayne and Adey’s caution to me during my last months in London has never rung more true for me than today. “You’re going from bad to Perth”, they kept warning me in 2008 after I told them of my decision to return to Perth in order to finish my thesis. Too bloody right, I am thinking today! The rage is boiling my blood, my brain, my fibres of being! I am…

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