Oh what a beautiful morning, NOT!

Stumbled out of bed at 5:52am to get ready for work.

Found two dead mice outside my bedroom door courtesy of Caspar, the not-so-friendly cat I am looking after. Decided to deal with them after my shower. [shudder]

Go out to my Little White Holden Nova and discover that some little fockers have broken the passenger side window in order to ransack my glove box, console and ash tray for goodies.

“Ha!”, to them with knobs on, (and a right hook follow through for good measure), for my glove box is known as the cutlery drawer. It contains nothing but napkins, straws and cutlery for my breakfast, lunch or dinners, one of which is generally consumed each day as I drive from one dull activity to the next. (Or, on a more positive note, for the occasional impromptu picnic.) My ashtray contains the turning knob thingy for my window, which broke off when I closed the driver’s side door on my right knee. And the console contains hair ties, sunscreen and anti-bacterial hand gel. (The last of which they stole!)

So could one’s day get any better?

Well it couldn’t get any bloody worse!


4 thoughts on “Oh what a beautiful morning, NOT!

  1. Jett Girl says:

    damn!!!!!! (mice and break in)

    lollllz your glove box is a cutlery drawer!!!!!!!!!! my bag & pockets are too (‘cos i don’t have a car) 🙂

    my friend peter leaves his glove box open when he parks so anyone with evil plans can see it’s empty

    what i don’t get is why didn’t they take the hair ties!!!!!!!!!!!! i would have gone straight for those!!!!!!

    poor honey, i hope the rest of your day did get better xxxxx


  2. Jett Girl says:

    p.s. it could have gotten worse, you could have gotten your ******!!!! i got that for mother’s day ha ha xxx


  3. Paul says:

    I have spoken to the Homies in East Vic Park and they had no idea that were you are a friend of mine. No gang colours attached to the aerial apparently.


  4. Jett Girl says:

    mwahahaaaah paul 🙂 🙂 p.s. do they still remember me??


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