Please be warned – No. 2

This is more a plea than a warning.

I need to ask you all to understand my sudden disappearance from the world. Today is day 50 in the countdown toward Thesis Submission Day.

My so-called part-time job means I have only two full days to concentrate on my thesis – Mondays and Tuesdays – and there are only 50 of those left until I must submit my thesis.

Given the tightness of this deadline, I am going to have to retreat from the world and you may not hear from me, except for the occasional email, sms or blog.

I plead with you all to understand my need to do so.

I also plead that you will help me to help myself by not requesting assistance from me on a Monday or a Tuesday. I find myself unable to say no to requests for assistance and I am then left feeling stressed and anxious about losing one of my precious thesis writing days. The only day I can offer assistance is a Wednesday and that is only after 1pm. It is my only time off during the week and other than doing the banking for work and, hopefully, making it to the gym, I have no agenda on Wednesday afternoons except watching as much telly as possible and doing my washing.

And if anyone knows of someone who needs a few hours of work a week, I could really do with making my part-time job more part-time. If I could get another day a week that would give me 75 days until Thesis Submission Day, which sounds a lot less scary. Reception experience and computer competency necessary!

So farewell to you all. I must return to Chapter 8. See you at the other end of Thesis Submission Day!


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