“Sleep is for Wimps”, says Lisa’s Traiterous Body Clock

I was trying to deny what was happening, but this morning at 1:32am, which is the time I awoke from a sleep I had fallen into only an hour or so previously, I realised that my insomnia was back. After joyous months of experiencing four to five hours of unbroken sleep thanks to the advice and tips from my Sleep Doctor, I am back to the crippling world of tossing and turning and one to two hours of sleep a night.

So if you find that Lisa is a grumpy biatch for a while, herewith one explanation. (The other possible explanations are that she has been making it to the gym, although this is not likely, or that she has been without SFFs for a day or two, in which case, cheer the grumpy biatch up with one!)

And it’s back to beating myself over the head each night until I return to the bliss that is four to five hours of sleep.

 Sledgehammer 1  Smiley with lump  Seeing stars smiley  Smiley Sleeping

I will try Meditation with Eric before resorting to the ouchy method illustrated above, although the mallet is under the bed on standby. Desperate times and desperate measures. (http://www.perthmeditationcentre.com.au/eric.htm)


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