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I have already blogged about the fun and excitement we had thanks to freak storms, Western Power and Telstra during my birthday week, (see post titled ‘Lisa’s Birthday, Rain and Western Power’), but I have not shared with you the most important details of the First of March 2011, otherwise known as my 38th Birthday, because I have been too slack / busy with the thesis to down/upload the photographs from my camera that I wished to share with you. (As I have done in previous blogs, I refer you to my URL –

Before commencing, I want to share with you a little image of our fast-flowing crik. This gushing lasted about five hours and by the following morning there was no sign this had ever taken place. You have heard the expression “as dry as a dead dingo’s donger”? Just because it rains does not mean the drought has ended and we can now water our gardens and have more than one two-minute shower per day. That’s Australia for you – as dry as a dead dingo’s donger, even after a freak storm!

Our little crik was flowing!

But back to the more important subject of my birthday!

I was awoken in the morning by Fairy Princess Tully, who sprinkled me with fairy dust. I almost got a birthday kiss too, but she got distracted by all the teddy bears at the foot of my bed. (Yes, I’m 38.)

The breakfast table was festooned with birthday matter – pressies, cute napkins and paper plates, birthday cards containing donations to my ‘Lisa Needs, No WANTS, an iPad’ fund and lots of yummy pink treats. (Spot Fairy Princess Tully’s Fairy Princess dress in the top left corner of the first photograph and imagine it on a cute, cuddly Gorgeous one with an adorable smile.)

My Birthday Table


Note the Detail on the Napkins


Earlier this year, my niece Ashley visited from Canberra and was here for the occasion of her 7th Birthday, which we celebrated with a little party and for which we ordered a yummy butterfly ice-cream cake from The Junction Ice-Creamery (TJI) in Midland.

About a week or so later I was returning the freezer box to TJI and I suddenly thought how absolutely fabulous it would be to write a sad and pathetic blog about purchasing my own birthday ice-cream cake, because it would make for a mildly amusing blog about a girl so sad and pathetic who thinks a blog about purchasing her own birthday ice-cream cake would be mildly amusing! (I have understanding friends and family who humour me in my nuttiness, so I speak/act/create without reservations!)

So I ordered my own birthday ice-cream cake from The Junction Ice-Creamy in Midland causing momentary amusement for the young girl taking my order on my choice of design and wording. The amusement turned to pity when I informed her that I was intending to write an amusing, or sad and pathetic, blog about purchasing my own birthday cake.

On the morning of my 38th Birthday, having established that my BIC cake had not melted overnight thanks to the power outage in our area due to the freak storm, I sent Dad down to collect it. (He’s retired now and needs little chores to keep him busy.) Doesn’t he look so cute and yummy!

Lisa’s Birthday Ice-Cream Cake Purchased by Herself for Herself

When the time finally came to consume my BIC cake, I found myself rather uneasy about cutting into the little fella, although the image below suggests otherwise. It took me a few moments to toughen my resolve and convince myself that this was an inanimate object and would, therefore, not feel the pain of the knife I was intending to use as the means with which to chop off his head, à la The Queen of Hearts. As I stuck the knife in, I made my birthday wish: “Please don’t let my Teddy Bear Birthday Ice-Cream Cake feel this!” I think I read, (past and present tense would be appropriate), too many Enid Blyton books.

If it is any consolation to Theodore, ‘twas the name I gave my BIC cake, he was really scrumptious and we did savour every mouthful of his creamy, honey-comb-chunked loveliness.

The Smiling Assassin Beheads Defenceless Teddy Bear Ice-Cream Cake

I have refrained from removing my red eyes as I think it adds an appropriate air of menace to the photograph.


So it was a very nice birthday despite Mother Nature, Western Power and Telstra conspiring to thwart proceedings.  Mum, Dad, House Guest Kelsie and Fairy Princess Tully treated me well and the generator kept my birthday treats frozen (Theodore the Birthday Ice-Cream Cake) and chilled (the pink champers).

Now if I could just get over the fact that I am nearly 40, life would be almost ok.


2 thoughts on “The Birthday Blog

  1. Barbara Harder says:

    Happy belated birthday Lisa! Great blog and I LOVE the bear cake! See you in London hopefully at the end of this year, xxx Barbara


  2. Lisa says:

    I am more determined than ever to get over there by the end of the year, so fingers crossed and look out for the “HERE I COME” blog!!


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