A Poem for Adey on the Occasion of His Birthday, 2011

Those of you with a sensitive poetic soul may want to avert your eyes now.

Having only just recovered from the shock and horror he suffered after reading my ‘Dragons’ poem, (see post titled ‘What the poetry world lost…’), I have just inflicted this poetic disaster upon a person I call a friend.

Can the sincerity of my intentions atone for the potential damage I am doing to Adey’s poetic sensibilities? For one who does have the heart and talent of a poet, my poetic, (can I really use that word?), efforts must be aggrieve his soul.

Although maybe I am not as bad as I think. I mean reading this back just now, I have some interesting rhyming things going on and a rather eclectic command of poetic forms…

I invite you to be the judge.

The Poet

* * * * * * * * * * *

A Poem for Adey on the Occasion of His Birthday, 2011

By Lisa Keane Elliott

Emailed 5 days late because the author thought above mentioned Birthday was 8th March!

Today it is your birthday

So I’m just emailing to say

That I hope you have an excellent day!


I know it might be difficult

As work is on the agenda

But forget tonight’s a school night

And go on a little bender.


My verse is quite dodgey

As I’m sure you will agree

It’s obvious the gift for rhyme

The Poet Gods gave not to me.


The intention behind this dreadful rhyme

Is well meaning and sincere

I just wished to transmit to you

A little birthday cheer.


So have a Happy Birthday

Pip Pip Woo Hoo Hoo-Ray

Sent to you by Lisa Keane

Trapped in WA!


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