What the poetry world lost…

Adey, please avert your eyes now!
Do NOT read any further!
I fear you may lose all respect for me.
‘Dragons’. A Poem by Lisa Keane Elliott, c. 1970s

I came home the other night and found this sitting on bed. It is one of my poetic efforts c. 1970s. Well, from the state of my writing, I am thinking it is c. 1970s. If this is 1980s Lisa then I am even more embarrassed! I pity my Aged Aunt #1 who was the lucky (?) recipient of this poetic gem. (Or should I say, poetic turd? Hmm? Close call.)

It is clear that I understood the concept of rhyming words.

It is also clear that I had quite an imagination.

It is just the panache I seemed to have been lacking. Or any poetic talent for that matter.

I have not improved much over the years.

I recall sometime in 2005, walking along the streets of Subiaco in pink thongs (flip-flops for my English readers) and having just finished reading Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less Travelled, I was full of poetic inspiration. The resulting poetic brilliance of this walk:

I walk along the city streets, flip flop

Upon my feet are bright pink things, flip flop

What the poetry world has lost the historical world has the misfortune of gaining!


2 thoughts on “What the poetry world lost…

  1. Jenny-Anne says:

    ha ha lol i LOVE the dragon poem, so imaginative and made me pee myself laughing 4 times!!!!! it made me think of dr seuss a bit, just the wild images and the rhyming. extra points for rhyming gone born and pour!!!!! love!!!! xxx p.s. the thongs poem reminds me of someone too, but it might take my little subconsious a while to remember who


  2. Yeah, I could have been a new Dr Seuss! How have I managed to go so terribly wrong?


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