Lisa in the Kitchen: The Chocolate Turd Cake

I love Nigella Lawson, an amour that has led to the purchase of several of her cookbooks in which there are luscious photographs of chocolate cake and Nigella.

I am not all that adept in the kitchen. I can boil an egg, make a great spag bol or variation on that theme, sprinkle grated cheese on expertly prepared baked beans on toast (the King of Meals) and bake a mean pancake – when I choose.

However, Lisa and kitchen expertise does not seem to go much beyond the above.

During another bout of Thesis Avoidance, I came across my Nigella Feast cookbook. I realised that I had yet to make something from this cookbook and, thus, had not yet justified my purchase of it.

Not surprisingly, I felt like chocolate cake. One thing you can guarantee when flicking through a Nigella cookbook – there will be plenty of chocolate cake recipes to choose from.

I chose to make this chocolate cake.


How the chocolate cake should have looked


I guess my mistake was thinking that I was expert enough to tweak Nigella’s recipe. As you can see, my efforts were not quite as pretty, however, it did taste a lot better than it looked.


Lisa's Chocolate Turd Cake

I thought this was apt decoration for my lopsided turd-like creation




One thought on “Lisa in the Kitchen: The Chocolate Turd Cake

  1. Giselle says:

    Dear Lisa
    Happy New Year!
    Thats all I needed to see – chocolate cake – so much for my never going to look at chocolate again.
    Hope alls well with you.
    G x


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