Living vicariously

If, like me, you find yourself bound where you are with no possibility of heading to far-flung romantic places for, in my case, 349 days, you may want to live vicariously through my friend Jo who has just started her sojourn in Geneva.

Happy Adventuring Jo, you lucky thing!


Lisa in the Kitchen: The Chocolate Turd Cake

I love Nigella Lawson, an amour that has led to the purchase of several of her cookbooks in which there are luscious photographs of chocolate cake and Nigella.

I am not all that adept in the kitchen. I can boil an egg, make a great spag bol or variation on that theme, sprinkle grated cheese on expertly prepared baked beans on toast (the King of Meals) and bake a mean pancake – when I choose.

However, Lisa and kitchen expertise does not seem to go much beyond the above.

During another bout of Thesis Avoidance, I came across my Nigella Feast cookbook. I realised that I had yet to make something from this cookbook and, thus, had not yet justified my purchase of it.

Not surprisingly, I felt like chocolate cake. One thing you can guarantee when flicking through a Nigella cookbook – there will be plenty of chocolate cake recipes to choose from.

I chose to make this chocolate cake.


How the chocolate cake should have looked


I guess my mistake was thinking that I was expert enough to tweak Nigella’s recipe. As you can see, my efforts were not quite as pretty, however, it did taste a lot better than it looked.


Lisa's Chocolate Turd Cake

I thought this was apt decoration for my lopsided turd-like creation