Random Thought: Colleagues

I have been privileged to work with many lovely people over the years. People with a work ethic. People who understood that the correct thing to do was to perform their duties and in return they would be remunerated for their efforts.

I have found lately that some colleagues do not understand this basic underlying concept of the employment contract. They feel it is acceptable to sit around doing bugger all and leave the work for everyone else.

Intense Frustration

One finds that banging one’s head against a wall is less painful than being forced into the role of Nag who must deliver repetitive communiques in the hope that their recalcitrant and indolent colleagues will be jolted into pulling their weight and be deserving of their wages.

This cartoon even captures the facial expression!

However, I am finding that in some cases, these hopes are futile. Some people just need to be handed their P45 and sent on their way.


4 thoughts on “Random Thought: Colleagues

  1. Jenny-Anne says:

    i am so going to make her hair blonde so she is EXACTLY me!!! ooh i just noticed this pic is ‘-1″, maybe there is a whole series!!! having to work with noongheads drains the life force out of you 😦 😦 xox


  2. Lisa says:

    Yep, that is it exactly. It is draining to deal with colleagues like this. Feeling very uninclined to pay them this fortnight. Very tempted to direct their wages into my account! Or at least a jolly good slice of their wages!!!


  3. Cathrin says:

    Fantastic…you have just made my day


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