Issue 3, part 4 – Couch Potato to Gym Junkie: A Physical Journey

I finally made it!!!

Monday morning I managed to not talk myself out of going to the gym.

The workout itself? Well, naturally, after a few weeks in Sid the Sloth Mode, physical activity on the scale that gyming requires was strenuous, painful and nearly the death of me. I went home to a hot shower and then collapsed in bed with heat packs on the shoulders, back and calves. It was a truly sorry sight.

Tuesday I undertook a gentler form of physical activity; I walked in Kings Park with Ariel. I think the fact I wandered through the botanical loveliness with an ice-cream (iced lolly for my English followers) would have negated any benefits the exertion should have brought me, however…

Fingers crossed I make it to the gym tomorrow – after the RAC Man has called, opened my car and retrieved the keys, which I locked in there on Monday. This is what physical exertion does to one! I was so wiped out from having to Gym-It that I was unable to remember important things such as removing the keys from the ignition before securely locking every bollocking door!


One thought on “Issue 3, part 4 – Couch Potato to Gym Junkie: A Physical Journey

  1. Giselle says:

    Hi Lisa

    Glad someone is suffering the same as me – actually mine is just a cold and sore throat but the last comment really made me laugh – dont suppose you felt the same way about the keys.
    Wednesday here and weather is now starting to become wintery with a colder wind. Sunny your end I assume.
    Love Gx


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