Issue 2 – Couch Potato to Gym Junkie: A Physical Journey

I am ashamed to say that my efforts to transform myself from a couch potato to a gym junkie have been rather dismal. Two weeks after joining Contours I was off to Canberra for three weeks where I spent most of my time avoiding anything thesis-related by staying in bed watching joyous things from my iTunes collection until the sun was almost ready to set again. I could have visited the Woden branch of Contours, but I did not.

Since my return from Canberra I have managed to get to the gym once a week. Not three times a week as intended, but once.

I do not think I am getting my $69/month worth of physical pain and agony. (Or should that be physical improvement and development?)

I knew when I signed up to this that the biggest problem I faced was conquering that bad habit I have of talking myself out of doing things that are good for me or must be done. I am extremely good at this.

It would not be so bad if I was dissuading myself from the gym for something productive. Do I talk myself out of going to the gym because I think it would be better to get home and work on my thesis or lesson plans?

That is the excuse I use, but I get home and what do I do?

Yes, I spend the afternoon in Couch Potato Mode.

Oh well. Old dog, new tricks and all that.

The habits of a Couch Potato are hard to break


2 thoughts on “Issue 2 – Couch Potato to Gym Junkie: A Physical Journey

  1. Brad says:

    I was wondering if I could use this image of a couch potato in my ebook. Thanks, Brad


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