Where is Blogger Lisa?

Greetings and Salutations to those of you who have wandered across my Blog. I have been absent from this site for some time now. There has been no reason for this other than the sad fact that I have had nothing to say. This state of affairs is not just limited to my Blog. No, in fact, my thesis has not progressed that much since my last Blog either. Yes, I have completed a paper on Governing Masculinities in the early modern world that will appear in a similarly named publication later this year. And yes, I have just put the final touches on a paper that I will be presenting at a conference entitled ‘Poverty in the Medieval and Early Modern World’ to take place tomorrow (Friday 11 June 2010). This will be my first conference presentation and to say that I am feeling somewhat nervous is a slight exaggeration. I can think of many other disagreeable things I would rather be doing including childbirth or military-style torture, however, once I have done this, I can retreat into the library once more and not have to leave until my Magnificent Octopus is ready for submission. (March 2011, I am thinking.)

I have been purchasing items on the Internet all morning, as is my habit on payday. I purchase items to make me happy as, one thing has not changed since my last Blog, I still do not have much of a social life. This morning I purchased another Stephen Fry item – these particular items ALWAYS cheer the soul and gladden the heart.

I also purchased myself some new ‘free’ Vistaprint business cards, which is rather laughable considering the total LACK of opportunity I have for dispersing them! In my excitement, I also wasted $7.21 on a t-shirt.

My impulse t-shirt purchase

Now I must return to reality a few dollars poorer. I have a French test to study for and I am in the process of reading my supervisor’s excellent paper that she will deliver at the conference tomorrow afternoon.

Adieu and au revoir. I will endeavour to become more dedicated to blogging some drivel on this site during the second half of this 2010, which is hurtling along at a most alarming speed.

If you have stopped to spend a few moments to read this, I apologise for having wasted your time, but I do hope you have a lovely day!


One thought on “Where is Blogger Lisa?

  1. Jenny-Anne says:

    the dispersement purpose of business cards is entry in “leave your business card in this supersize whiskey balloon to win lunch for two” restaurant comps!!!!


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