Strange, freaky and completely eeriely true

This morning as I made my way to the bus stop, trying to avoid the sight of squashed bobtail carcasses on the road, I popped my iPod onto shuffle and was delighted when the first song of the day was Ewan MacGregor serenading me with ‘Your Song’ (from Moulin Rouge). This joyous song (as is any song sung by Ewan) got me thinking about how nice it would be if I had a lovely young man to serenade me with lovely songs like this one, or maybe a Dean Martin tune.

Freaky coincidence 1: The next song was Dean Martin with his signature tune and my personal favourite, ‘Everybody Loves Somebody’.

Simply a freaky coincidence. Couldn’t happen again, surely.

So my thoughts of a young lovely man named Dean Ewan MacGregor Martin to serenade me lead to thoughts of, well, probably best not go there, but the gist was that I felt a slight twinge of regret that I did not have a young man whom I had left snoring away.

Freaky coincidence 2: Dean Martin is followed by Doris Day with ‘Pillow Talk’. An example of the lyrics for those of you who have never been lucky enough to hear the song.

Pillow talk, pillow talk
Another night of hearin’ myself talk, talk, talk, talk
Wonder how it would be to have someone to pillow talk with me
I wonder how
I wonder who

Pillow talk, pillow talk
Another night of bein’ alone with pillow talk
When it’s all said and done, two heads together can be better than one


Okay. So if that didn’t spook you out, then how about this…

I am making my way wearily up the wee hill. (I would like to point out that it is 5:43am at this stage, so although I am slightly out of condition, there is the incredibly early hour to consider too). I am thinking to myself, “Am I there yet?” and my iPod responds with “Vous etes presque”, which is French for “You are almost there”!!

I have some kind of psychic connection with my iPod?


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