Happy Birthday Hon Sis!

1981 Denmark Elliotts & Whatmores

Tomorrow my Honorary Sis becomes a thirtysomething. It only seems a short time ago that I was teaching her my potty tricks. No, I do not mean I corrupted her youth with rude words, phrases or deeds. I mean I taught the young Amanda the art of using the potty to do her tinkles. And now Amanda is thirty with two children (Maddie and Ethan, below) of her own to whom she is, no doubt, passing on the potty wisdom she learnt from me all those years ago. (I wonder if she has to adapt the potty wisdom as she lives in America and they might not appreciate or understand our Australian potty ways. I must ask.)

2009jun Ethan & Maddie 2

Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow Amanda!! Get spoiled rotten and have a jolly good time with the ENTIRE Whatmore Clan on visit from Oz. I hope your Dad behaves himself in front of the American side of the family. Or are they just used to his slightly, how can I put this nicely, how about, “odd” ways now?

The Elliott Glen Forrest Clan will be toasting you from the verandah tomorrow with some pink champagne as will the Elliott/Thorne/Noack Clan of Palais Noack in Canberra!



One thought on “Happy Birthday Hon Sis!

  1. Amanda says:

    Aghhh, your too good to me…. very sweet. Although its not my birthday in the States yet, I am celebrating tonight. Big party at a place called Cocomo Joes. Dad is resting right now so he can be in ‘true form…..’ aghhhh!!!! Will be sure to send you photos.


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