Procrastination: 1

Chapter Four, Chapter Four? Where for art thou, Chapter Four?

I am sitting here looking at a blank page.

Well, not blank. I have managed this much:

Chapter Four – The Paris Hôtel-Dieu Post-May Second, 1505-1543

And I have saved my document and set the margins to PhD approved centimetrage.

Still 36 minutes until I meet Lesley for lunch.

I have Tweeted Stephen Fry and about QI finally transmitting on Australian telly. (Tuesdays on the ABC at 9:30pm.)

I have emailed Elise about French class on Saturday.

Jenny-Anne and I have discussed who will have which Twilight journal. (Purchased this morning from Amazon US; a frivolous, unnecessary purchase, but totally acceptable given the excellent exchange rate.)

Did I really need to purchase the Twilight Journal in Special Souvenir Tin? Probably not, but I have no life so what the hell.


31 minutes until lunch with Lesley.

Just back from a quick look at Stephen Fry’s website and feeling inspired by the Slimline Fry appearing in the new site banner.


Must stay away from those SFFs and then I can look all Slimline Agent Deep Fry. (Will explain about my secret agent moniker another time.)

25 minutes until lunch with Lesley.

What if she makes it later?


Maybe I should just start writing?

Ooh! I must visit Kate Ceberano’s website.

Yeah! A new Kate album coming soon! If you are looking for a new Christmas album, check out the stores in November.



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