Lisa’s Guide to the Art of the Travel Snap

There is an art to the travel snap and it is an art that not many people seem to know about, or if they do, they must be far too self-conscious to apply them.

There is only one simple rule that must be obeyed at all times and it is this: Be not afraid to make a complete twit of yourself.

When in Pisa

There are certain places around the world where a certain sort of travel snap is required from all tourists. For example, when in Pisa, one must take travel snaps of oneself holding the Leaning Tower up.

2004apr Choc Box Tour Pisa Lisa tries to straighten tower

Or a travel snap of yourself leaning in order to make it appear as if the Leaning Tower of Pisa is not leaning at all.

2004apr Choc Box Tour Pisa Leaning Tourists of Pisa

And, of course, pretending to be the Statute of Liberty when at the Statute of Liberty. How many berks have that particular travel snap in their albums?

2008jun14 NY SoL Lisa & Liberty

No, you’re right. That one is tedious. How about positioning yourself so it looks as if Miss Liberty is cleansing your nasal regions with her torch? Much more interesting and, for now, fairly novel.

What’s your gimmick?

It also helps to have a gimmick, a common feature that you can include within your travel snaps. For some people, this gimmick may be a particular pose that they strike to add amusement value to their travel snaps. A ‘Shirley Bassey’ pose, for instance.

2004aug Lyme Park Folly Lisa Bassey's It Up by Mr Darcy's Lake

2004jun12 Middleham Castle Lisa strikes a Bassey pose

Of course, you may wish to retain some semblance of dignity and choose a gimmick something along the lines of:

2004apr Choc Box Tour Firenze Pooh meets Florence2008oct22 Prague Roof view from Castle&Gulliver 2


A theme! A theme! My kingdom for a theme!

Maybe you would prefer to set a theme for your travel snaps and create a collage to share with “folks back home”, which has the added benefit of only boring them for a few moments with your travel snaps rather than a few hours.

People enjoy taking travel snaps of amusing signage around the world, or buildings in America that don’t have an American flag adorned it, or men/women I snogged, (not one of my brother’s, surprisingly), or, as per the example below, Snooty Places in the UK Where We Afternoon Tea’d.

2004jul04.Bath.Leonie & her tea at Sally Lunn's2004jul09.London.Leonie Emily & Lisa at The Ritz

2004jun26.London.Leonie, Lisa & Dee at The Dorchester.A Close Up2004mar01 Ritz B'day Tea Lisa with her hot choc

Or how about Self-Portraits, a theme that allows you to look absolutely hideous in the foreground of interestings places because no-one looks good when the camera is pointing directly at them from only arms-length away, so if you are having a bad hair/face day, you can simply blame it on the extreme close-up nature of the photo itself.

It is also a good theme for the lone traveller, because one must remember that there is nothing more tedious for the “folks back home” to be looking at travel snap after travel snap of buildings, fields, amusing signage and other tourists.

Abandon all pride and dignity! Stick that camera at arms length and get that unflattering up-the-nostril travel snap of you and the cathedral/amusing signage/field. You might as well not be there otherwise!

2008jun13 NY TS Lisa&Jayne in Times Sq

2006dec29.Canterbury.Lisa & Cathedral.self portrait2006-~122006-07 Paris.Lisa&J-A&ET.17dec06

Inhibitions farewell, pride and dignity adieu! Think silly. Think frivolous. Think ha ha. Strike a pose and act like a twit. If you don’t think of yourself, think of the “folks back home”. It makes it much more amusing for the rest of us and ultimately, you will enjoy yourself a whole lot more.

2006-07 Paris.Lisa in Jardin du Luxembourg.17dec062006dec Lisa gives Sarah the arse by HoP2006-07 Paris.Eurodisney 5feb.Lisa to Infinity & Beyond2006-~612006-~272007oct06.Sarah Wkend.Hampton Court.Lost in the Maze2008mar23.Bath Sarah enjoys an icecream2008may03 FFFF08 Lisa & the Tour Bus

2004mar07 Wells Camelot Caper Lisa being menacing on THE staircase


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