Random Thought #3

I love polony and tomato sauce sandwiches.

Watsonia Polony Nob

They are my 4th favourite consumable after Strawberry Freddo Frogs, Cheese Twisties and Ben&Jerry’s icecream.

SFF and FriendsCheese Twisties'Ben&Jerry

Today I have made myself a polony and tomato sauce sandwich.

It is not satisfying me.

I have used inferior tomato sauce.

The Woolsworth Select Brand does not have the same delicious flavoursomeness as Rosella Tomato Sauce.

Rosella Tomato Sauce

One should never compromise on quality. Price is not an issue when one is seeking culinary perfection. Only the best or one’s personal favourite is acceptable.

I am off to purchase some Rosella Tomato Sauce.


4 thoughts on “Random Thought #3

  1. Emily says:

    I LOVE Ben&Jerry’s but you cant get it in Australia (not to my knowledge).


    • Lisa Elliott says:

      I think you are right on that, although they have a Ben&Jerry’s Australia website, so maybe it’s something those Sydney people get and not the rest of us. Probably a good thing. Besides, I think I had enough tubs of B&J’s for ‘dinner’ last year that I have had my fair share until at least 23 Jan 2010 when I’m back in London and Mary and I have a spag bol, B&Js and Dr Who/Lord of the Rings movie fest when I get back from getting my haircut by the best hairdresser in the Universe.


  2. Miss Mia says:

    I personally think that Ketchup beats all of them!!! but i wanted to ask what is polony???? is it that disgusting hormal injected bits of meat mushed together to from a slice of processed crap like Devon????


  3. Lisa Elliott says:

    Yep, that’s the stuff! It’s DELICIOUS!! I am one of those meat lovers that tries not to think too carefully about what is actually in sausages or nobs of polony. Totally agree with you on ketchup. Yum, yum, yum!

    Thank you for checking out my humble bloggy posties!


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