Joy Bringer: Blackadder

Edmund Blackadder II

There is nothing like a dose of the wit, wisdom and sarcasm of Blackadder series two, three and four to put a smile on my face and a gawf in my laugh.

To ensure I am never Blackadder-less I have the series in audio, DVD and book format. A dose of humour, hilarity and Hugh Laurie’s HRH Pinhead of Wales to hand at all times.

Blackadder HRH Pinhead of Wales

  • What kind of crazy fool would not laugh at such lines as:

“The path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the Devil’s own satanic HERD.”

“Baldrick, your custard has the texture of cat’s vomit.”

“Oh damn! One measly civil war in the entire history of England and I’m on the wrong bloody side!”

  • And who could not love Baldrick “the little g-nome” and his cunning plans!

[Referring to a suicide pill they have both been given, after being captured by French revolutionaries]
Baldrick: I’m glad to say you won’t be needing that pill, Mr. B.
Blackadder: Am I jumping the gun, Baldrick, or are the words “I have a cunning plan” marching with ill-deserved confidence in the direction of this conversation?
Baldrick: They certainly are.
Blackadder: Well, forgive me if I don’t do a cartwheel of joy; your record in this department is hardly 100%. So what is it?
Baldrick: We do nothing…
Blackadder: Yup, it’s another world-beater.
Baldrick: No, wait. We do nothing… until our heads have actually been cut off.
Blackadder: And then we… spring into action?

  • And, of course, appearing in series two and four is my greatest Joy Bringer of them all, Mr Stephen Fry. Anyone who doesn’t get joy from his portrayal of General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett needs to seek psychiatric help IMMEDIATELY!

Blackadder: Sir, is there something the matter?

General Melchett: You’re damned right there’s something the matter! Something sinister & something grotesque. And what’s worse is that it’s going on right under my very nose!

Blackadder: Sir, your moustache is lovely.

Stephen Fry as Melchett


2 thoughts on “Joy Bringer: Blackadder

  1. Jayne says:

    Favourite Blackadder moments …….. in protest that he is going to be given the sack, Baldrick exclaims, ‘But Baldricks have been in your family for years Sir!’, to which Blackadder replies, ‘So has syphillis’. Ha! Not sure I’ve spelt that right …… x


    • Lisa Elliott says:

      Oh, I LOVE that one! There are so many it was hard to choose which ones to list. I had to be careful not to make it too Melchett oriented. I’ll save that for my Stephen Fry blessay. (Blessay being a blog-essay, which is the term SF uses for his own wordy out pourings on his website.)


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